Do you want to provide more extraordinary services at your hotel?

And, that too without any investment and hassle to manage?

Well, we got you covered!

Welcome to the Lugbee!

It is an online luggage storage provider for people who travel places and desire to roam around hands-free.

Travel like never before and weigh down the luggage safely at the Lugbee cloakrooms. Numerous hotels have become a part of Lugbee’s to spread a massive luggage storage network worldwide.

The roaming has no limit, which is why Lugbee is now coming to your city. All the hotels have an opportunity to join as a Lugbee partner and increase their income from zero-investment service.

Anyone can easily make their luggage booking from the website. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of becoming a Lugbee partner:

Extra Income from a Vacant Space

Extra Income from a Vacant Space with Lugbee
Lugbee: Extra Income from a Vacant Space

How many times have you thought to vanish that vacant space or empty storeroom in your hotel because it’s not doing anything good to you?

Well, don’t worry, now you have a chance to generate income from that vacant space or room. It doesn’t even require any additional facility that you may have to provide to your customers.

You can quickly turn it into a cloakroom for Lugbee and store the luggage for anyone who makes the booking. It will be your extra income with no effort in just 15 hours of this service.

Zero On-boarding Charges

Zero On-boarding Charges with Lugbee
Lugbee: Zero On-boarding Charges

Want to join hands with a leading brand to add some extra features for your hotel and customer?

You are indeed thinking the right way. A massive number of hotels are connecting with Lugbee in all the corners of the world. The great news is Lugbee is partnering at zero onboarding charges, unlike other brands that charge enormous amounts for partnership.

You can become a Lugbee partner by signing up at ‘Become Our Partner‘ on the website and filling in the necessary information. Sign up here!

Grow Your Brand with Us

Grow your Brand with us- Lugbee
Lugbee: Grow your Brand with us

Would you like some free marketing and publicity of your place?

Here it is, you can grow your brand with Lugbee as a Lugbee partner at free of cost. Each storage booking will generate multiple opportunities for hotels to interact and engage with new customers.

Lugbee will expand your branding and marketing to every lugbee user and get you more customers every day. It can increase your hotel’s online presence without any marketing expense and gets free publicity to attract more tourists from everywhere.

Easy to Register and Quick Bookings

Easy to Register and Quick Bookings with Lugbee
Lugbee: Easy to Register and Quick Bookings

Lugbee has a fast and straightforward user interface for both users and hosts.

You can quickly sign up as a user and register as a partner. The features on the website are effortless to use and understandable to anyone. The Lugbee portal provides complete booking details where you can check the process of check-in/ check-out of customer’s luggage.

The booking procedure is speedy for every user and gives instant luggage bookings in the hotels.

High-Security Seals

High-Security Seals with Lugbee
Lugbee: High-Security Seals

Lugbee gives you an easy and secure luggage storage service.

People trust Lugbee for its safe luggage storage as each bag has a high-security seal on it. The company provides tamper-proof seals and tags to all the hotels as a Lugbee partner. It helps them to store the customer’s luggage securely.

That makes a customer feel safer to keep their luggage at Lugbee storerooms. It also increases the goodwill of your hotel for providing such exclusive services to your customers.

Free Luggage Insurance to Customers

Free Luggage Insurance to Customers by Lugbee
Lugbee: Free Luggage Insurance to Customers

Has anyone ever imagined a luggage insurance while you travel?

Well, the customer’s requirement is what features our brand Lugbee. Your luggage security is our priority in every booking you make. Apart from security tags, Lugbee provides free luggage insurance of up to 10000 INR (For India) for each bag stored in Lugbee cloakrooms.

Lugbee ensures a worry-free trip for every traveller and stores their luggage with utmost safety. 

Get 24×7 Support

Get 24x7 Support by lugbee
Lugbee: Get 24×7 Support

You are thinking about what will happen if you do not pass the signing up process smoothly?

Well, for solving all your problems, we have a dedicated team from top to bottom that resolves your doubts and extends flawless services to all our partners and users.

If you get in any trouble while signing up as a Lugbee partner or in the process, you can contact us immediately. Our support team will be available 24×7 to help you out and give solutions for your queries. 

Fast Payment Settlements

Fast Payment Settlements with lugbee
Lugbee: Fast Payment Settlements

It is the best of all the benefits that a Lugbee partner will get. Whenever you partner with a brand, the foremost thing you will ask for is fast and timely payments.

So, here it is, Lugbee, which has a policy of quick payment settlement with partners for their comfort. Every partner will get the amounts timely for every successful booking. The fast payments will turn into immediate income for each host.

Now, it is too good to leave any of the above benefits that you will get. Lugbee has numerous cloakrooms for safe luggage storage in all the prime locations and landmarks in India, Hongkong, and the USA. Read all the benefits out loud and be a Lugbee partner to add more income with zero investment services like Lugbee.

What have you been waiting for to get a free income tree? No, you won’t get it. But you can Sign up here! To join as a Lugbee partner and become a free income tree for yourself. Get new customers daily and free mouth publicity for your hotel with Lugbee.