User Manual For Customers

Customers Manual

Step 1. Download the LugBee application from Play Store/ App Store.

Step 2. Open the LugBee application on your Mobile. And Tap the ‘Next’ button.

Step 3. Again the ‘Next’ button.

Step 4.Lastly, get started with the LugBee app.

Step 5. Permit access to your device location to get more exact store suggestions.

Step 6. For login, submit your mobile number or email address, or you can skip to login later.

Step 7. After login , enter the OTP you’ve received on the registered number for verification.After entering OTP tap on verify button

Step 8.You’ve successfully logged in. Fill in the details for luggage store booking.

Step 9. Tap “GO” to switch on the luggage store list and choose your nearby store.

Step 10. Go through your storage booking details like date, time, and number of bags. And tap on the ‘Book now’ button to confirm the booking.

Step 11. Verify your email and Provide your Name here

Step 12.Here you need to give OTP from email for verification

Step 13. You can pay from lugBee credits as well if you have and tap on Book Now button.

Step 14. Your booking is successfully made, you can click on the ‘Go To booking’ button.

Step 15. Click on the arrow to read more booking details.

Step 16.Now you can check your booking status.

Step 17. Once you enter the OTP for check-in to the luggage store, your booking status will be updated automatically.

Step 18. And when you check-out after entering the OTP at the store, your booking status updates will reflect automatically.

Step 19. Once your booking is completed, you can check your booking status in the LugBee app.

Step 20. After enjoying our services, you can share your experience by rating the app and adding a review in the given section, and submitting it.