Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Queries related to Booking :-

1. How does LugBee work?

LugBee, through its online marketplace, connects travellers with local businesses, stores, shops, cafes, hotels, etc., to serve luggage storage in many cities.

Users can search, compare and book storage services in a partner store after providing the relevant information. We provide a security tag and insurance against loss/theft for each bag stored.

2. What is the booking method at LugBee?

The process of making bookings is quick and simple. All you have to do is Sign up on LugBee via the website or mobile app (available on Play store and App store).

Add the booking time and date with the luggage quantity, and then choose any luggage store/cloakroom near you or opt for it as per your location and proceed with the booking. Further, you will be required to pay the booking amount to confirm the booking.

3. How to make a booking for a luggage store through Mobile App?

Get your luggage store booked in no time with LugBee mobile app. Download the app via the Play store or App store and see how it works here.

4. What is the minimum and maximum duration of a luggage store booking?

LugBee luggage store services are available 24/7 at the partner luggage stores. You can make a minimum of one hour of luggage store booking and a maximum of five days. For advance luggage store bookings, you are only allowed six months time to pre-book your luggage space and not more than that.

5. What will happen if I do early check-in or late checkout from the luggage store?

We provide a 15-minute grace period before the booking time and after the end of the booking duration. If you check in before booking time or check out late, you must pay the additional charges at the luggage store.

6. Do I need to make a new booking if I want to store more bags at the luggage store?

If you have carried extra bags with you for storage, then this is how you can get them booked at the store:


For instance, you made a booking for two bags, but you carried three bags to the store


A. Cancel the old luggage booking and make a new one with all the number of bags you are carrying at the luggage store.


B. Or add another booking at the luggage store for more bags.

7. What if I have to use the luggage storage for a suitcase and a handbag, how would the charges apply?

Any extra luggage that is not mentioned in the booking will not be accepted. You must mention all sorts of bags like a suitcase or a handbag as the number of bags while booking the store. Count all your bags separately and add in the booking details.

8. Can I change my store location and the dates?

You are only able to change your location and date of booking until your booking is not made. Once your booking is successfully done, you will not be able to make any changes it. In case you want to update, you can just cancel the booking and fill in the updated details in a new booking.

9. Can I add more bags once the booking is made?

No, once your booking is done you are not able to do any changes or add any bags You need to do cancel this booking or add a new booking for the other bag.

10. Do I need to carry any proof ID as I arrive for check-in at the luggage store?

When you arrive at the store, you must have the confirmation email and valid identification proof to confirm your luggage booking at the store. After arriving, open the LugBee app and confirm the details with the hosts.

11. Where can I look for my booking details in case of no email received?

In case you didn’t get any email related to booking confirmation, you can check your booking deatils in your LugBee mobile app in the “Bookings” section.

12. Can I have a map option to find the location of my store?

Yes, you can find the directions to the store on the app through the “Get Directions” feature. This feature will take you on the default map on your device while setting the store’s location.

13. For how long can I store my luggage at the store in one booking?

The longest duration for which you can secure the luggage with a prior booking is 5 days.

14. At the time of getting my stuff back, can I send someone else?

No, you are not allowed to send someone else to collect your luggage. If you still facing some issue you can contact LugBee support team.

15. What is the flexibility of your timetable?

We provide a 15-minute grace period, so that you can check-in before 15 minute and checkout after 15 minute. If you can exceed this 15 minute time limit you have to pay the additional charges.

16. Is there any restriction on the size & weight of luggage?

The maximum size of the luggage must not ne more than 100 cms in height, 60 cms in breadth, and 35 cms in depth. The maximum weight of luggage allowed to store is 35kg.

17. Can I cancel the bookings?

You can cancel your booking any time before the checking in at the luggage store. 100% booking amount will be refunded in your bank account without any deductions.

18. How to check in at the LugBee store if I don’t receive any OTP?

First of all you need to check your contact number/email id which you have given is correct. After that you have to wait for a minute, and click on resend button. If still you do not receive any OTP, you can contact LugBee Support team immediatly.

Queries related to Payment :-

19. Is it necessary to make payments online?

You must make payments through online portals mandatorily, as the LugBee luggage stores do not accept bookings without payment confirmation.

20. Which online payment methods can I use?

At LugBee, we strive to add convenience to your trip. Hence we have numerous payment options. You can make payments via mobile wallets like Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM, and Amazon Pay. Other than this, you can also choose net banking options and VISA/Maestro card payment methods.

21. My booking is cancelled now. How much time will it take to process the refund?

Keep patience as you will get the refund in 7 working days

Queries related to Safety and Support :-

22. Are there any restriction on the stuff I pack in the luggage?

Yes, there are as you can’t pack any illegal things or any sort of explosive materials in the luggage. With the regards of Indian governance guideline you are prohibited to put any illegal substance in your bags at LugBee stores as LugBee will not be responsible for that.

23. How do I know if my luggage is secure?

LugBee ensures your luggage is extremely secure with our hosts (luggage stores). Before featuring any store or hotel on our website, we conduct a comprehensive verification to ensure that each host (store) safeguards your luggage.


We further acquire documents from the host for the same. Our hosts are well-trained to provide proper services. As you check in with your luggage, you’re provided tamper-proof seals to help keep your luggage safely in the stores.


You will do the whole luggage keeping by yourself to ensure your bags are well kept under surveillance. Above that, we also offer insurance for your luggage to ensure maximum security of your belongings.

24. How do you ensure my luggage safety at the luggage store?

The LugBee team verify all store partners in the onboarding process. After completing the process, we ensure all its hosts are equipped with security seals for LugBee users to rest assured about their luggage’s safety.


The security seals are applied through the tamper-proof security tags. The mobile application further ensures that your bag isn’t tampered with or opened.

25. How can I become an affiliate partner with LugBee?

To become an affiliate partner, follow the process here,
or reach out to the LugBee team at

26. I still have queries. How do I contact the LugBee support team?

You can contact the LugBee support team through
Phone OR Whatsapp at +91 9119119186
Email at