Meet The Awesome Team

Lugbee prioritizes people, emphasizing their significance as our strength and the key to our successful luggage storage and safe storage services.

The Growth Leaders

At 10club, we embrace true ownership, with each leader overseeing a portfolio vertical in luggage storage with precision and focus. Their strategic decisions, executed with unmatched velocity, guarantee a touch of magic in our daily commitment to exceptional luggage storage near you.

Dr. Amit Sanghi


Dr. Amit Sanghi, Senior Manager of Marketing & Business Development at Lugbee, stands out as a highly skilled marketing professional. Spearheading hotel partnerships and onboarding, he actively contributes to crafting and implementing strategic marketing plans, showcasing his talent and dedication within the dynamic realm of luggage storage services.


Vaibhav Gautam

The Relationship Manager at LugBee leverages expertise to foster exceptional client relationships, addressing consumer needs and pinpointing growth prospects in the luggage storage domain. Proficient in resolving customer concerns, he strategically devises plans to meet client requirements, ensuring elevated revenue through efficient customer service processes at the nearby luggage storage counters.

Vimal Jain


As LugBee’s Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Vimal Jain oversees all technology aspects, ensuring seamless operations for our luggage storage platform and enhancing the accessibility of the nearby Cloakroom for luggage storage.


Bharat Chauhan

At LugBee, our Chief Creative Officer, Mr. Bharat Chauhan, drives innovation, ensuring smooth operations and creative solutions for luggage storage and cloakroom services.

The Founders

At Lugbee, we embrace true ownership. Our 10club team leaders manage portfolio verticals with precision, making unmatched strategic decisions. This magic ensures exceptional services like luggage storage, cloakroom for luggage, and personalized experiences near you, every single day.

Jitender Singh


Mr. Jitender Singh, Founder and CEO of Lugbee Services Private Limited, embodies professionalism with exceptional problem-solving skills. As a visionary leader, he drives Lugbee’s commitment to efficient luggage storage, cloakroom, and suitcase storage services, ensuring a personalized touch in every aspect of the business.


Jayendra Singh

Jayendra, Co-Founder & Lead of Technology at Lugbee, brings 5 years of expertise in driving business growth with agility. Renowned for program architecture and development, he’s committed to building highly scalable systems for convenient luggage storage and cloakroom services near you.

The Advisors

At Lugbee, true ownership is paramount. Each 10club leader meticulously manages a portfolio vertical, making unmatched strategic decisions. This ensures daily magic at Lugbee, delivering exceptional services like nearby luggage storage and cloakroom facilities for storing your luggage.

Dr. Hardayal Singh Shekhawat


Our advisor at Lugbee possesses extensive experience and a profound grasp of the IT industry, guiding us in providing top-notch services like nearby luggage storage and cloakroom facilities for storing your luggage.


Dr D.P. Sharma

Dr. D P Sharma, a renowned Indian IT Professor, Consultant, Author, and Scientist, serves as Lugbee’s advisor. His international reputation and role as the National Ambassador to the Swachh Bharat Mission ensure excellence in services like luggage storage and cloakroom facilities near you.

Shashikant Chaudhary


Mr. Shashikant Chaudhary, Lugbee’s Growth & Mentor Advisor, is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and mentor. His support extends to both regular and student startups, ensuring excellence in services like nearby luggage storage for your convenience.


Sandeep Sondhi

Mr. Sandeep Sondhi, an IIT+IIM alumnus with over 25 years of IT experience, serves as Lugbee’s Strategy Advisor. Since its inception, he’s overseen the company’s operations, ensuring excellence in services like nearby luggage storage for your convenience.