Introduction of LugBee

While travelling, it is difficult to spot a perfect place to keep your baggage safe and secure. And mostly, during the time of check-in and check-out, it is important to keep your luggage in a safe place like a cloakroom with credibility.

Finding the correct place for baggage in a foreign country seems difficult! But it’s not, because LugBee is there to avail you with a facility to keep your luggage in a safe and secure place. We have created an exclusive digital platform that allows you to book space for your valuable luggage online. You will feel stress-free by keeping your bags & precious things in our space while travelling to an unknown place.

Beginning of LugBee Cloakroom

This business began with the goal of making travel more convenient. Mr Jitender, the director of LugBee company, discovered a platform to help business tourists/traveller safeguard their luggage in cloakrooms during important visits.

A frequent traveller in Jitender was looking for a location to stay for a while and leave his bags under surveillance so that he could focus on his trip. Despite the fact that reserving a hotel is a quick answer, he was hesitant to do so and find an economical solution.

Thus, LugBee was created as a perfect storage solution for a traveller. In conjunction with some hotels and businesses, he built such amenities.  Due to COVID-19, many hotels and resorts have suffered a crisis. As a result, it’s a relatively low-price storing service offered to many hotels at different locations.

The concept of LugBee was well received by hotel management, who thought it would be fairly beneficial for them to have their amenities utilised for a short time and then compensated for it.

And with that creative concept, LugBee also made it to the Startup story page of YourStory. Their team interviewed the founders of LugBee, Mr Jitender Shekhwat and Mr Jayender Shekhawat.

Backed by An Amazing Team

Amazing Team of LugBee cloakroom
Lugbee: Backed by An Amazing Team

The highly skilled IT and management staff perform outstandingly to provide solutions and deliver exceptional results. The whole LugBee team use updated technologies and ingenuity to address current issues.

With vast knowledge and proficiency in the travel business, the company is able to collect the best resources and integrate technology to provide precise solutions. With the most talented IT professionals on board, the team has extensive travel experience to meet your demands.

What Makes LugBee Cloakroom Stand Out?

Lugbee cloakroom near you
Lugbee: What Makes Us Stand Out?

You can get the safest luggage storage services at affordable prices. The following are some of the features of LugBee cloakrooms:

  • Secure storage options for both short and extended periods of time.
  • You can customise your option with add-ons.
  • Booking is simple and convenient.
  • We have high-standard security with a 24-hour service.
  • You will get high-level security at a low cost.
  • Insurance services are also available.

Our Add-on function has been a hit, as it is a fair solution for both consumers and staff members. We are expanding our operations to more locations and cities.

How Do We Make it Work?

Book a LugBee cloakroom anytime anywhere
Lugbee: How Do We Make it Work?

We focus on easing and meeting all of your luggage security requirements with the Lugbee cloakroom. The use of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions make your trip or vacation a comfort. Here’s how our straightforward but highly secure approach works:

  • Make a Reservation: LugBee offers an online booking service on which you have to fill out the luggage information about the amount of baggage, destination, place/town, time, date and other add-ons. Swimming, gym, SPA, wash, and change are some extra add-ons available. After that, you must make an online payment through LugBee App. You can download the app via the Play store or App store.
  • Leave Your Luggage at the LugBee cloakroom: Show the booking details as well as identification via OTP when you arrive at the LugBee luggage store. After that, you can deposit your baggage, which would be properly sealed using tamper-proof locks.
  • Enjoy The Trip Without Burden: The store staff will look after your belongings and enable you to explore the city’s wonders without any tension. You can return to the shop and retrieve your bags as you finish your work by verification with OTP and check out smoothly with all your luggage.

Why Choose LugBee Cloakroom To Offer Storage Solutions At Your Hotel?

Book a cloakroom through LugBee App
Lugbee: Why Choose LugBee to Offer Storage Solutions?
  • No On-Boarding Cost

Add more valuables service for no additional expense, and let the empty space at your shop/hotel earn profit for you. With LugBee cloakroom, you’ll be able to take advantage of a sizable revenue stream with no upfront or ongoing costs.

  • Service App

Put your physical or financial assets to great use without stress through luggage storage service. It works on structured software that manages all operational functions on both the LugBee website and LugBee mobile app for hosts. You may use the application to receive booking data, thus simplifying the process.

  • Locks & Tagging for Stores (Hotels)

LugBee offers you tamper-proof seals and a well-managed booking system to protect and organise your luggage. As a result, you won’t have to waste time looking for each customer’s luggage. The security seals would speed up the process of giving the bag to the right customer.

  • More Guests & Better Opportunities

As a result of the increased visitor traffic, you will have the chance to display your services and improve your revenues. The number of walk-in visitors will also rise with the LugBee marketing locations.

  • Premium Insurance

With LugBee luggage storage services, we believe in providing our guests maximum satisfaction. The insurance cost for the luggage protected at your LugBee cloakroom is taken care of by us. And that’s how it builds long-term relationships with our customers.

  • Timely Payments

Our activities at LugBee are highly efficient and dependable. We keep track of everything and encourage bill payments on time. You don’t have to be concerned since we work with clients who are completely transparent.

  • Customer Availability

You don’t have to flaunt your luggage storage facility as you do with other services. We work to meet your demands and guarantee that your area is always ready for an inflow of LugBee users.

  • Marketing & Branding

We provide effective and reliable services with the LugBee luggage store. You don’t have to be concerned as we work with our customers openly and honestly.

Become Our Host

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Lugbee: Become Our Host

Visit our website LugBee to learn about the various ways you can earn money by renting out storage space. Make the correct choice and join us as a partner to expand your business opportunities.

LugBee offers a free registration option. You must contact our staff at to be an affiliate partner.

Some Common FAQs


1. What is the booking method at LugBee?

Making reservations is a simple and straightforward process. All you can do is to visit our website or download our application and register. Choose your location, booking time, and date, as well as the number of bags you will be bringing. After that, proceed with the booking by selecting any of our stores based on the city and availability. You will also be asked to pay the booking fee, which will finalise the reservation.

2. Can I change my store location and the dates?

Any modifications to your reservation can be made up to 24 hours before the session is booked. If you add any changes within 24 hours of the scheduled time, you will be charged an additional fee.

3. Is there any restriction on the size & weight of luggage?

The luggage must not exceed 100 cm in height, 60 cm in width, and 35 cm in depth. The highest limit of bags that can be stored is 35 kg.

4. Can I have a map option to find the location of my store?

Yes, the “Get Instructions” function on your smartphone application will guide you to the location. This function will take you to your smartphone’s usual map via GPS connectivity when locating the shop.

5. Can I add more bags once the booking is made?

Yes, once you have booked your reservation you add changes for extra luggage. Visit the active order section, where you can make changes for luggage, days, and time.