User Manual For Host (Store Provider)

Host Manual

At LugBee, we make the process extraordinarily facile and quick for our partners. All you have to do is follow these steps, and you are set to increase your profits within no time.

1. Visit the Website

To begin the process, you have to make your way to the LugBee website ( You will land on the home page, where you can see the “Become a host” option right on the top-right section near the login tab.

2. Click on “Become a Host”

To join our network and get started with our complete plan of action, you will be required to get registered. Click on the Become a Host option, and you will be directed to a new window.

3. Choose Register Option

The new window will land you at the host main page, where you will get the option to either register or login. Now, as you are not registered yet, you have to click on the register option, which will open a register pop-up.

4. Enter The Details in the Host Register Pop-Up

The host register popup will have certain fields you must fill to continue the registration process. These include your name, email, and password. Before clicking the register button, kindly read and accept all the terms of use and privacy policies. Or you can directly log in with your Google or Facebook account.

5. Authenticate by Email Verification

Once you have done the registration, an email will be sent to your email ID requiring validation.

6. Check The Email Notification

Kindly check your email ID and click on the mail sent by LugBee. Please click on the verify button to validate your account.

7. Visit the Host Login

Once you have done the validation, kindly go to the host login page to enter your account. You can either use Facebook or Google to make the login.

8. Complete the Host Registration

This page would require you to fill in some more details, including location and contact details.

9. You Are Good To Go

Once you have filled in the details and clicked on the register option, you are ready to launch your storage space to the world. Once you are done, you will be validated by our admin panel to ensure safety.

Once Admin approves your host after that you can add your store and Bank details with the help of using LugBee offers the most exclusive interface that enables you to operate the functions with the utmost ease. The dashboard has a variety of options, like booking statuses and revenues. You can also tap into the 'Bank' option to add more bank accounts as per your choice.
10. Access The Host Dashboard

LugBee offers the most exclusive interface that enables you to operate the functions with the utmost ease. The dashboard has a variety of options, like booking statuses and revenues.

11. Host Booking Details

The dashboard will show you all the details concerning the bookings made for your space. You will be able to see the user's contact details along with other details of their bookings.

12. Personal Information (Host Details)

You can also check your profile, highlighting your personal details. You can check the profile under the Host Details option.

13. Bank Details

The dashboard menu also has an option to fill in your bank details. The bank details you will enter over here will be used for making payments.

14. Add Bank Option

To add a bank account in the bank details section, you have to click on the add bank option. A pop-up window will open, and you have to fill in your bank details such as account number, bank name, bank code, branch name, registered mobile number, and country code.

15. Complete The Action

Once you have filled in all the details, you can click on the save option to complete your banking process. You can later edit the details as well as delete the account if you feel like it.

16. Store Feature

In this feature, you can create a store, which means you have to enter the details of your premises where the luggage will be kept safely. A user can have multiple stores.

17. Add Store

You can create a store by clicking on the Add Store option, which will open a window showing two dialogue boxes. The first one is to choose the heads of store details. The other one to add specific details of the store.

18. Store Business Info

You need to add business-related details, including store name, description, designated social media handles, and other contact details of the store.

19. Location of the Store

Now, you need to click on the location and address tab. This section has several details, which you need to share.

19.1. Enter the type of store Kindly select the store type from the given options, i.e., shop, hotel, and office.

19.2. Add Location Next, you need to add the store's complete address to make it easily reachable. Adding the landmark is always recommended. Add something, which can be easily recognized.

20. Choose your Bank account

With highly flexible choices for managing your LugBee store, LugBee offers the convenience of adding other bank account choices. Select the bank option and add more bank accounts, as displayed on the screen.

21. Bag Capacity Tab

The next tab in order to create a store is the bag capacity. You need to enter the capacity of your space to make bookings feasible.

22. Store- Picture Tab

Now, you have to upload the picture of your store so that we can get an idea of the space.

23. Facilities

We have various options for you to choose the facilities you can provide to our customers. Make sure you choose the right facilities to make your space even more preferable.

24. Store Timings Tab

Next up, you have to go to the store timings tab and select the days and times suitable for providing services. You can add flexibility in the timings according to days.

25. Document Tab

In this tab, you have to enter the authorization documents. We need to validate your identity. You can add any identity card as per the available options.

26. Check the Store Status

Once you have entered the validation documents, you are ready to add the store. Click on the Save button after each tab. Now you can go back to the store tab and see the store added yourself.Once your store is approved by Admin, your store will be available for LugBee Customers.

Once your store has been approved, you can expect bookings and initiate the process to gain money.