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How it Works?

Quick Access To Storage Solutions

Discover The

LugBee allows you to find the right store for your luggage storage from a network of exclusive luggage storage options. Make the booking by entering the date, time and the most feasible store to your convenience.

Drop Your

Once your booking is done, it's time to leave the luggage in the safe & secure hands of store managers. Stay stress-free with reliable storage options. Don't forget to show your identity proof while leaving the luggage at the store.

Enjoy the City

You are ready to explore the city and enjoy the adventures without worrying about the heavy luggage you were carrying. Get your luggage back conveniently and enjoy the journey without any interruptions.

Lugbee's Competitive Edge

Proof Seal

LugBee offers its customers a high-quality tamper-proof seal in order to secure your luggage. Each of the bags is secured with these seals to ensure your belongings in the bag are completely safe.


LugBee allows you to stay relaxed with the safety of your luggage as we carefully verify and validate the stores to ensure the level of security of your bags. All the stores are made available only after complete verification and approval.

24x7 Customer Service

Our experts are available for constant support. You don't have to worry about any stage of the process as our experts are ready to help you with even the smallest concerns.


LugBee allows you to pay on an hourly basis for the luggage you are storing. The flexible pricing strategy enables you to get the best returns and value for money.


Even if there is an unfortunate event that has a rare chance of occurrence, you don't have to worry about losing anything as we provide insurance coverage of up to 10000 INR.

Quick Payment Methods

LugBee ensures you get the best of payment ease and hence we offer the most secure and utility-based payment methods. You don't have to worry about the safety of payment, the process is quick and facile.

We Exceed Our Customer’s Expectations