About Us

Discover convenient luggage storage with LUGBEE, ensuring safe and secure storage for travelers. Whether you're a frequent traveler or a tourist, our app allows you to find 24/7 luggage storage facilities near you. Say goodbye to worries about your belongings during check-out and check-in times. LUGBEE offers a reliable cloakroom solution, letting you explore foreign lands without the burden of your luggage. With our one-of-a-kind digital platform, easily book online and keep your belongings safe as you uncover the treasures of unknown destinations.

Here is what we offer.

Secure luggage storage and cloakroom solutions nearby, short/long-term.

Customize safe storage with a nearby cloakroom and luggage facility.

Effortless booking for secure luggage and cloakroom storage.

Secure 24/7 luggage storage, in a cloakroom near you. Safe facility.

Secure and affordable cloakroom near you for luggage storage.

Secure cloakroom: insurance-covered luggage storage near you..

An Idea Begin

Founded by Mr. Jitender, our venture prioritizes convenient travel. We offer a secure luggage storage facility and cloakroom near you. Utilize our user-friendly luggage storage app to ensure safe storage, catering to the needs of both business travelers and tourists.

Our founder envisioned a hassle-free outing by creating a central luggage storage facility. Inspired during his search for secure cloakroom options, he established a convenient and safe storage solution, now available near you.

Economic constraints deterred him from a hotel booking. Opting for affordable safe storage at a nearby luggage facility became crucial.

Lugbee emerged from innovative ideas, establishing budget-friendly luggage storage facilities in collaboration with hotels and stores. Our secure storage solutions support struggling hotels during the COVID-19 crisis, providing convenient and safe storage options through our Lugbee app

Hotel managers appreciated LUGBEE's concept, finding it profitable. Offering safe storage and cloakroom facilities near me, they saw potential in utilizing their spaces for short-term luggage storage and earning revenue.

Explore our expanded network of secure luggage storage and cloakroom facilities near you. Our affordable services offer safe storage solutions in multiple cities, ensuring a win-win for both customers and managers. Find the ideal option for you.

Our Mission

Lugbee provides top-notch luggage storage near you through our online platform. Our mission is to enhance your travel experience by offering safe storage options and convenient cloakroom services. Enjoy seamless adventures with our excellent facilities and easy booking process.

Our Vision

Lugbee provides top-notch luggage storage near me and cloakroom facilities. Our goal is to offer safe storage solutions, ensuring convenience for travelers. With easy online booking, we enhance your trip experience, maximizing adventure and enjoyment.