About Us

Whether you are a frequent traveller or a tourist, finding the right place to secure your luggage often meddles with your tour excursions. The period between checking out and checking-in requires you to safeguard your luggage at a place offering reliability. But is it possible to find such a space in a foreign land? Well, yes, it is. LUGBEE is your ultimate solution to secure all your luggage, and feel free to discover the jewels of the unknown land. We bring you our one of its kind digital platform that fosters online space booking for your precious luggage. Here is what we offer.

Here is what we offer.

Safe storage solutions for short and long durations.

Choose custom options and blend them with add ons.

Ease and convenience for booking.

Exclusive safety with 24-hour security check.

Cost-effective options with safety at hand.

Insurance Facility.

An Idea Begin

This venture started with a vision to foster ease of travelling. Our founder, Mr. Jitender, anticipated the need for a platform that enables business travellers and tourists to ensure their luggage's safety while efficiently fulfilling the purpose of their visit.

The idea struck the mind when our founder himself was on the lookout for a place where he could stay for some time and leave his luggage under supervision to make his mind free for his outing.

Though making a hotel booking is a quick solution, the economic constraints made him reluctant to choose this option.

With such thoughts and ideas, LUGBEE was born. He created such facilities in collaboration with certain hotels and stores. Our low-cost luggage storage facilities are made available in hotels that are already suffering extreme losses due to COVID-19.

The idea of LUGBEE was appreciated among hotel managers, as it sounded quite profitable for them to have their facilities used for a short time and further get paid for the same.

Our Add-on feature was a treat that allowed both customers and managers to get a win-win solution. We are extending our services across various cities. Customers can avail facilities that suit them the most at the lowest prices.

Our Mission

LUGBEE aims at offering the best storage services as per the requirements of our customers. We ensure your trip is full of adventure and enjoyment with our excellent online booking platform. Our mission to bestow ease and convenience in finding the right storage and Add-on facilities would help travellers make the most out of their trips.

Our Vision

At LUGBEE, our vision is to serve profitability to both travellers and store managers/owners. We visualize ourselves as the one-stop destination with a continuously growing network of storage spaces that fosters ease in finding luggage storage facilities no matter what the destination you choose.