Well, you’ve taken the plunge and are about to quickly embark on your trip to Delhi. With some mandatory travel tips, be persevered in the face of dire warnings about con artists and nightmarish traffic. Shrug off the fear of Delhi belly and explore the city’s old mosques, museums, medieval bazaars, and of course, food!

If you’re ever travelling in India, you’ll probably land in Delhi. It’s a big city, and it’s easy to get lost if you’re not used to it. There are six distinct areas in Delhi: Old Delhi, North Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, and Central Delhi. It has a rich history, with many significant landmarks bearing witness to its destruction and frequent transformation.

But there are some difficulties that Delhi presents to first-time visitors or solo travellers. The 20 million people who call this city home are the heart and soul of northern India, but danger lurks around every corner of its crowded, winding streets. 

With these following quirky travel tips, you’ll be prepared for anything Delhi throws at you.

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Explore the ‘Real Delhi’, not just the tourist attractions.

When visiting Delhi, remember that the city is much more than its famous landmarks.

While the Red Fort, Tombs, and Temples are all worthwhile visits if this is your first time in Delhi and you want to immerse yourself in the local culture. Also, make an effort to experience local life in Delhi.

We recommend visiting Khan Market either during the day or at night. Khan Market is a hub of activity throughout the day. It has an abundance of shops and lunchtime cafes, and many restaurants and bars are open for business in the evening. 



Maybe MAC, Starbucks, and Hamleys don’t sound like your idea of a fun Saturday night out, but if you want to see where the locals hang out, you should head here. If you’re in South Delhi, you shouldn’t miss Saket, Qutub Minar, and the charming neighbourhood of Hauz Khas Village, which is home to many excellent restaurants and unique boutiques.

Mandetory travel tip: Delhi is abuzz with cons, so be careful.

Knowing these are the best Delhi travel tips, let’s talk about some more scams you should watch out for and be safe.

Although not all men (because this country is male-heavy and you will encounter far more men than women here) who approach you near tourist monuments in Delhi are out to scam you. Some will simply ask if you need a guide, a rickshaw/tuk-tuk, or have your picture taken before a monument.

There is a common Delhi scam in which people pretend to work for the government and try to lure unsuspecting tourists into their friends’ or relatives’ shops. Everything you buy will be marked significantly because they all work on commission. Plus, Indians have a way of convincing you that you need what they’re selling when in reality, you don’t.

If you feel insecure about the safety of your bag, book a LugBee cloakroom anytime. It helps you keep tabs on your belongings like any major city, but rest assured that you have never thought of being in danger or a victim of a mugging, robbery, or scam in any part of India. Try to avoid being overly paranoid while still acting sensibly.

Talk to the locals in Delhi, as the people are amicable. However, don’t let any Indian person pressure you into going anywhere; instead, take your time and think things through rationally to avoid falling victim to any of Delhi’s many scams.

Travel around like a local on the Metro.

Although some parts of Delhi are walkable, the traffic there can be chaotic. Don’t subject them to an all-day stroll’s noise, heat, and pollution. The metro is the most convenient way to travel within Delhi.


You might not know this, but the Delhi Metro is cutting-edge! Delhi’s metro lines make it easy to travel within the city and to nearby attractions. When it’s hot in Delhi, it’s a relief to ride the metro because the lines are colour-coded, the symbols are in Hindi and English, and the platforms and carriages are air-conditioned.

One of the Delhi travel tips is that if you’re a woman travelling alone in Delhi, you can ride the metro without a worry in any of the metro, as every metro has some reserved seats for women.

A lot more of Delhi exists than just Old Delhi.

Where would you recommend going, and what sights would you recommend seeing in Delhi?

Understandably, Old Delhi is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Delhi; after all, that’s where most tourists end up reading about the city in Delhi travel guides and documentaries. However, there’s so much more to Delhi than just Old Delhi!

You should visit Old Delhi because it is home to some exciting attractions (including the Red Fort, the bustling Chandni Chowk market, and Jama Masjid, India’s largest mosque). Still, you should not mistake Old Delhi for the rest of the city. 

Our next piece of advice for travellers is to explore more of Delhi with these travel tips and enjoy the rush of the capital. If you consider visiting many places on the same day, start using the luggage store in Delhi by LugBee. You can keep your luggage there and experience Delhi hassle-free.

Let go of fear about solo travel.

You shouldn’t be afraid to explore Delhi alone. With more LugBee cloakrooms citywide, you can get around the city on your own by placing your bags safely at the store. And use public transportation like the Metro, Uber, or Rickshaws for a budget-friendly trip. 

It is safe to travel around central and south Delhi by yourself, and the metro system provides easy access to many of the city’s most famous landmarks. You can make your trip a mix of touring Old Delhi with a guide and exploring on your own time.

Travel tips to Book a tour of Delhi.

Full-city tours and street food tours are popular in Delhi. Touring Delhi with a local is a great way to get acquainted with the area, see all the must-see attractions, and avoid getting lost, especially in Old Delhi.

There are many people, a lot of wires, a lot of dust, and a lot of potholes in the pavement in Old Delhi. It’s chaotic, and it’s everything you imagined Delhi to be. But, the best and most important travel tip for Delhi is to visit Old Delhi and feel the city’s true character.

Celebrations of festivals in Delhi.

You will have a wonderful time observing two of India’s most well-known festivals in Delhi: Holi (in February/ March) and Diwali (in October/ November). 

Diwali, one of India’s most celebrated holidays, is a time to celebrate the triumph of good over evil with fireworks, candles, and Puja. The celebrations last an entire month, making October a great time to visit Delhi. Food, sweets, a fair (Diwali Mela), a festival (Dushera), parties (Diwali parties) with poker games, fireworks, beautifully decorated houses, and more can all be expected.

Final Thoughts

With the above travel tips, you will add an exciting trip to the capital of India, Delhi. Go solo or with friends or family but plan your trip experiences in advance.

Delhi is a city that can inspire both affection and loathing. Having a camera on hand is a good idea because you never know when you might come across an amusing sight. A visit to Delhi never fails to amaze its visitors, who are always treated to a new and exciting experience.

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