Are you tired of lugging around your heavy luggage while exploring a new city or attending a business meeting? 

If so, cloakrooms are here to the rescue! A cloakroom is a place where you can temporarily store your luggage and make your travel or work day stress-free.

Where can you find cloakrooms?

Cloakrooms are commonly found in airports, train stations, and tourist attractions, providing a convenient and secure storage solution for travellers. 

In some countries, such as Japan and Europe, cloakrooms are an integral part of the travel infrastructure, making it easy for travellers to explore their destination without the burden of heavy bags.

In India, cloakrooms are also a common sight, especially in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi. They are found in popular tourist spots like the Gateway of India and the Red Fort, as well as in major railway stations like Mumbai Central and New Delhi Railway Station.

When it comes to storing your luggage, safety and security are top concerns. Most cloakrooms use lockers or storage rooms with secure locks to ensure the safety of your belongings. They also often have staff on duty to monitor the facility and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

So, whether you’re a traveller, office-goer, tourist, student, or anyone else who needs a convenient place to store your luggage, cloakrooms are the perfect solution. And if you’re looking for a more modern and convenient option, try out LugBee, the luggage storage service that offers safe and secure storage solutions at various locations in India.

LugBee Cloakrooms – Calm for your Luggage chaos!

Are you tired of carrying heavy bags around the city while exploring new places or in a rush to catch your flight? Or perhaps you need to leave your luggage at a secure place for a few hours while you attend a meeting? Whatever the case may be, LugBee Cloakrooms have got you covered.

LugBee Cloakrooms are safe and secure spaces where you can store your luggage for a few hours or even days. They are convenient, affordable, and can be found in various locations across the city. Whether you’re a tourist, frequent traveller, same-day traveller, business person, an office-goer, or a student, LugBee Cloakrooms can benefit you in many ways.

How do LugBee cloakrooms help all travellers?

Unsettling Frequent Travellers

Frequent travellers can save time and hassle by storing their luggage at a LugBee Cloakroom. This way, they can explore the city without the burden of heavy bags, or catch a connecting flight without having to worry about their luggage.

Anytime, Anywhere Tourists

Tourists can store their bags at a LugBee Cloakroom while they visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the city without the hassle of carrying heavy bags. They can also use the cloakroom as a safe place to store their valuables and personal items.

Tired Same-Day Travellers

Same-day travellers who have an early morning flight or a late-night arrival can store their bags at a LugBee Cloakroom. This way, they can spend their time in the city without having to carry their bags around.

Industrious Business People

Business people can store their luggage at a LugBee Cloakroom while they attend a meeting or a conference. This way, they can focus on their work without having to worry about their bags.

Always On Toes – Office Goers

Office goers who need to leave their luggage at a secure place while they attend a meeting or run errands can use LugBee Cloakrooms. This way, they can complete their tasks without having to carry their bags around.

Go Getter- Students

Students who need to store their bags while they attend classes or participate in extracurricular activities can use LugBee Cloakrooms. This way, they can focus on their studies and activities without having to carry heavy bags.

LugBee Cloakrooms are equipped with high security systems and staffed with trained professionals who ensure the safety of your luggage. You can access your luggage at any time, and you will be notified via SMS or email when your luggage is ready for pickup.

Get your LugBee App to book a cloakroom!

LugBee is available on both the App Store and Play Store.

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Download the App now! LugBee cloakrooms are now available in 26 cities across 10 states in India, where you can get a luggage storage/cloakroom and store your luggage with 100% safety and security.

How to use the LugBee cloakroom?

→ Choose your location and book a cloakroom instantly

Lugbee helps you choose the nearest store for your luggage storage from a network of options. Just enter your travel dates and times, and choose a store on your route. Yay! Your cloakroom is booked.

→ Arrive at your check-in time 

Arrive at the luggage store and give over your bags to the store management. With a safe and secure luggage storage solution, you can enjoy the rest of the day. It’s more like dropping the weights in a gym, huff! Let’s move.

→ Move around hands-free

You are now free to roam the streets of the city and take in the sights without the burden of your hefty luggage. Get your luggage back and finish the trip without any problems.

Cloakrooms are a lifesaver for anyone who wants to make their travel or work day a little bit easier. So next time you’re in a new city or at a busy attraction, remember that a cloakroom is just a stone’s throw away, ready to provide you with the LugBee’s ultimate solution for your luggage pains.