LugBee Simplifies Travel Convenience at IIT Mumbai’s Mood Indigo, Asia’s Largest College Cultural Festival

Mumbai’s IIT hosted Mood Indigo, not a Tech-Fest event but a sprawling 4-day cultural extravaganza, drawing in a staggering 1.5 lakh attendees from December 18th to 21st. Amongst the competitions, fun games, activities, and celebrity performances by Abhishek Bachchan, Ananya Pandey, Pankaj Tripathi, and more, Lugbee emerged as a beacon of convenience.

As the festival’s theme, “A Rewired Reality,” unfolded, Lugbee’s presence added a layer of convenience to the immersive experience. Two Lugbee cloakrooms, boasting a capacity of 500+ bags each, were strategically set up at the Convocation Hall & SAC area.

“Managing luggage at such a bustling event can be overwhelming. Lugbee aimed to alleviate this stress,” shared a Lugbee representative. “Our cloakrooms allowed attendees to revel in the festival’s spirit without being weighed down by their belongings.”

Participants praised Lugbee’s hassle-free online booking process, attracting interest from various colleges. Several attendees approached the Lugbee team, expressing interest in having similar services set up in their colleges for future events.

“IIT Mood Indigo’s massive turnout presented logistical challenges, but Lugbee’s services were seamless,” expressed an attendee. “The cloakrooms were a game-changer, ensuring a stress-free festival experience.”

For a closer look at Mood Indigo’s spectacular lineup, including the star-studded performances and engaging events, refer to the festival’s website and Instagram. Detailed coverage can be found in the Hindustan Times PR article: Hindustan Times Article Link.

The collaboration between Mood Indigo IIT Mumbai and Lugbee not only facilitated seamless travel but also enhanced the festival’s vibrant atmosphere. The event photos showcase the spirited energy, and the Lugbee cloakroom photographs from Sundeep highlight the convenience Lugbee brought to the festival attendees.

In conclusion, Lugbee’s impactful presence at Mood Indigo IIT Mumbai exemplified its commitment to simplifying travel experiences at large-scale events. As the curtains closed on the festival, Lugbee left an enduring mark on attendees, promising stress-free journeys for future events.