Welcome to the LugBee Nx!

Elevate Your Hotel’s Luggage Storage Experience
with LugBee Nx!


As hoteliers, you understand the importance of
providing exceptional service to your guests
throughout their stay. One of the most demanding
services is managing luggage storage after
check-out and before check-in.

Redefining luggage management in hotels, LugBee Nx, a next-generation technology, ensures a secure and seamless experience, transitioning away from traditional manual storage processes.

Introducing LugBee Nx, a cutting-edge solution
designed to revolutionize how hotels handle
luggage, ensuring a seamless and secure
experience for guests and staff.

Why Hotels Must Reimagine Luggage management?

    • Unverified luggage handling - a security loophole
    • Luggage-guest matching - a time sink with risk of mix-ups
    • No online system - manual chaos, especially in peak hours
    • Blind storage management - a recipe for inconvenience
    • No luggage reports - data drought hampers service improvement
    • Luggage retrieval confusion - a dent in guest satisfaction and reputation

LugBeeNx - Secure, Efficient, and Profitable Luggage Solutions for Hotels

  • LugBeeNx: Secure luggage with OTPs, boosting guest trust
  • Real-time online updates on luggage storage status, no more lost bags
  • Unique tag for each luggage, say goodbye to mix-ups
  • Optimize space as per the storage demands
  • Daily and monthly storage reports, smart decisions made easy
  • Charge for luggage storage, turn extra space into extra income
  • Quick, hassle-free luggage handling, happy guests, and repeat business

How it works?

Easy Setup

Register your hotel on LugBee Nx’s app or website and set your luggage capacity.

Smooth Booking

As a hotel receptionist, you can smoothly register guests with automatically generated booking IDs and allocate tag numbers to their luggage. The guest will receive an OTP verification for straightforward luggage retrieval.

Hassle-Free Pickup

Guests show their SMS, you find their bag, collect payment if needed, and return it quickly. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of LugBee Nx Luggage Storage!

Navigate Your Journey with LugBee Nx: Unbeatable Pricing Plans for Transforming Your Luggage Management Experience

Plan Name Monthly Rate Annual Rate Annual Rate (30% Discount for First Year) Plan Description
Explorer Start your journey with our service! A 1-month trial allowing 150 bookings absolutely free. Explore how LugBee Nx can revolutionize your hotel’s luggage management.
Pathfinder (150 bookings/month) Rs 500/month Rs 5,500/year Rs 3,850/year A perfect plan for small hotels. Efficiently manage up to 150 bookings a month at an affordable price. Embrace the change today!
Trailblazer (500 bookings/month) Rs 1,500/month Rs 16,500/year Rs 11,550/year Intended for larger hotels managing up to 500 bookings a month. Lead the way in providing a seamless experience for your guests. Start today!
Infinity (Unlimited bookings/month) Rs 2,500/month Rs 27,500/year Rs 19,250/year Unlock unlimited possibilities with our Infinity plan. No cap on bookings, providing you with the freedom to grow boundlessly. Elevate your service to the next level!

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your already busy operations, we have a plan tailored for you. Our first-year discount is a token of trust, a small step towards building a long-lasting partnership with you. Welcome to LugBee Nx, the future of luggage management.