Lugbee App is now available on the Play Store and App Store.


An Indian luggage storage service company called LugBee successfully launched its app-based luggage storage booking service for several Indian cities.

Date: 3rd August 2022, Jaipur

LugBee, a luggage storage company, has launched its ‘LugBee’ app on the Google Play store and Apple App Store. LugBee’s launching of the mobile app intends to facilitate and expedite online bookings for luggage space at any of LugeBee’s store locations.

LugBee luggage stores provide a great travel experience with their smart and sophisticated app interface, as well as the 24/7 availability of stores and security tags to keep your luggage safe.

After addressing a previously unmet issue for travellers, the most intelligent, secure, and foolproof luggage storage solution, LugBee’s app expanded support to the safest storage options available anytime and anywhere.

Jitender Singh Shekhawat, the founder of LugBee, said

“We believe that every traveller needs safe luggage storage service more than ever. It’s impossible to carry luggage all around as we also require a pocket-friendly option on trips. LugBee provides a safe, accessible, and affordable storage solution that empowers users to keep their luggage safe in various convenient store options and explore the city hands-free.”

“I’m excited to launch the app today and spread the LugBee services to all the travellers. This is just the beginning; we’ll cover locations around the map to provide luggage storage facilities everywhere. In the next five years, LugBee will transform the way travellers transport and store their luggage.”, said the Founder of LugBee.

“LugBee is the quickest and most flexible luggage storage service ever made for travellers. You can easily sign up and book a store for any set of times you want. The security tags are there for each bag, assuring the utmost security of luggage.” He added. 

As mentioned by, Jitender-CEO of Lugbee, “the LugBee app provides users with a much-needed economical and safe storage solution while travelling to any location for various purposes. Additionally, users have complete control over their time and travel.”

Benefits of an App for luggage storage

LugBee’s app enables hands-free travel by storing luggage as well as the stress of carrying it in its luggage store. It alleviates the burden associated with transporting bags to and from destinations by including the following features:

– Bookings made easy with the app 

– Luggage storage according to your time slot 

– High-tech security seals 

– Insurance for each bag

These features provide a holistic travel experience for short/long trips.

The LugBee services are great for anyone looking for alternative secure storage locations for railway stations and airports. This smart, quick, and simple-to-use service is suitable for all types of travellers. The app is now available on the Play Store and App Store!

About LugBee

LugBee is a convenient luggage storage service to make your holiday or business trip lighter and more enjoyable. We securely hold them while you explore the city & enjoy your adventures! LugBee, through its online marketplace, connects travellers with local businesses, stores, shops, cafes, hotels, etc., to serve luggage storage in many cities.

Users can search, compare and book storage services in a partner store after providing the relevant information. We provide a security tag and insurance against loss/theft for each bag stored. We want all passengers to be empty-handed and stress-free to enjoy the journey.

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